• Abi Gwynn

BONUS BLOG - Happy Orangutan Day!

I'd be a terrible orangutan researcher if I didn't write about the fact that today is International Orangutan Day! I am incredibly lucky to be in Borneo at the moment spending most of my days with these beautiful animals. I was very happy to visit a local school today to talk about orangutans and the threats they face. Seeing the kids' enthusiasm to learn and genuine concern for the fate of the species gives me hope when the situation can seem so dire.

So today, please enjoy some of my favourite photos of the orange inhabitants of Sabangau forest!

Georgia (my favourite...)

Gus - Georgia's newly born son, the latest addition to the Sabangau crew

Trevor, who thinks he's so much bigger and scary than he is.

Icarus, a mummy's boy.

Gara, never a dull moment. He's always on the go finding trouble to get into.

Feb and Fay, quiet and curious.

Doyle, the most handsome.

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