• Abi Gwynn

Photo of the Week #1

With some unexpected extra time in the UK before I leave for Borneo, I've been enjoying getting to grips with my new camera. My favourite photo from the last week was of this long-tailed tit in an urban park near my house. This little guy (or girl!) was flitting between the trees over my head along with two others. I am often shocked by the diversity of wildlife in this park as it is surrounded by housing estates and roads; not what you'd imagine as nature's paradise. However I never fail to see something exciting here. Whether it be a collection of beautiful passerines, foxes in broad daylight or the lucky sighting of a green woodpecker. This photo was the first time I'd seen a long-tailed tit here so was another happy sighting!

Photo taken on a Canon 7D. f/6.3. 1/4000.

Location: West Cross woodlands, Swansea, UK.

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